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How do I measure my dog for Muttluks boots?

Muttluks Boot Sizing

Fleece Lined and All Weather Muttluks: Choose the size that fits the entire paw including toe nails and excluding fur. Place your dog’s front paw on a piece of paper. Make a mark at the end of the longest toe nail and another mark straight down the back of the leg. Measure the distance between the two marks and refer to the sizing chart. The strap of the boot should fall at the narrow spot on the leg, just after the paw, at the ankle/wrist.  Breed examples on the sizing chart are approximate guides only as paw sizes are not consistent within breeds.

Snow Mushers and Mud Monsters: Measure the front paws and then choose one size smaller for the rear paws. Snow Mushers and Mud Monsters are sold in sets of 2 in order to fit the front and back paws individually. The size increments between sizes in the Snow Mushers and Mud Monsters are much smaller than all other Muttluks models of boots.

To ensure proper sizing, please refer to the Muttluks sizing chart and video prior to purchase.

How do I measure the coats for my dog?

Muttluks Coat Sizing

Measure the distance in inches from the base of the neck to the base of the tail.

To ensure proper sizing, please refer to the Muttluks sizing chart prior to purchase.

What if my dog is in between sizes?

For Boots, choose the larger size. For Coats, if your dog is very slender choose the smaller size - if your dog is more robust choose the larger size.

How do I know what model of boot to choose?

Muttluks has 8 different models of dog boots, based on type of use, performance and price point.

  • Winter - Snow Mushers, Muttluks Deluxe, Fleece-Lined Muttluks and Hott Doggers
  • Summer - Mud Monsters
  • All Season - Mutt Trackers, All-Weather Muttluks and Woof Walkers

What is the difference between the three models of Muttluks?

Original Fleece-Lined Muttluks feature a warm fleece lining with a waterproof exterior fabric. They are predominantly for winter use. Original All-Weather Muttluks feature breathable waterproof fabric with no fleece lining. The All-Weather Muttluks can be worn all year round for protection from heat or cold. The Muttluks Deluxe are a deluxe version of the Original Fleece-Lined Muttluks with additional features such as side zipper opening and closure strap on the top of the cuff. 

Are Muttluks boots waterproof?

This depends on the model of boot. The fabric used in Muttluks Deluxe, Original Fleece-Lined Muttluks, Mutt Trackers and Woof Walkers is waterproof. The fabric used on Snow Mushers is highly water resistant. The Mud Monsters are made with a breathable mesh that is intentionally not waterproof. Mud Monsters are made to be worn in water for protection against rocks, shells and other sharp objects.

Keep in mind dog boots are not different than human boots - if the dog walks in snow that is deeper than the boot, the snow may melt on the leg and run down into the boot. Water may seep through the stitching seams if the dog stands in water. Water may come in from the top of the boot when the dog splashes through water.

The stitching on the side seams of the Muttluks Deluxe,Original Fleece-Lined Muttluks, Original All-Weather Muttluks and Woof Walkers is not waterproof. Water may seep in through the side seams if your dog stands in water for long periods of time. If the boots are being used in dry snowy conditions the side seams will remain dry.

Do Muttluks boots stay on?

Yes they do! In fact, Muttluks have a reputation for staying on better than any other brand of boot.  

Correct sizing is the single most important factor in boot performance and the most common reason why boots may fall off. If the boot is sized correctly the Velcro strap should fall just above the dew claw on the narrowest part of the leg. 

The second reason boots fall off is improper fastening. Verify you have the correct sizing and ensure the boot is fastened securely. Once boots are fastened securely tug lightly on the end of the boot in an attempt to pull it off.  If the boot is the correct size and fastened securely it should hold in place, if not it will slip down or off the paw.

Should you lose a boot despite all your efforts, email customer support at with the subject line Replacement Boots your name, address, phone, email, boot model, size and colour and we’ll be happy to sell you a single boot replacement.

How long does a set of Muttluks last?

The durability of Muttluks varies, depending on the dog and the type of use. Boots wear out most quickly on dry concrete and least quickly on snow. A dog with an uneven gait or who drags a paw will wear out the boots more quickly. Depending on the gait of the dog and type of usage the boots will last anywhere from one month to 14 years or more.

Mud Monsters and Snow Mushers are rugged boots that will last longer than any other model of Muttluks. They are ideal for use on concrete or rough surfaces such as lava rock.

Woof Walkers and Hott Doggers are more economical boot models and will not be as durable as the Muttluks, Snow Mushers or Mud Monsters.

How do I care for my Muttluks?

Muttluks are machine washable and can be placed in the dryer on the low setting. Muttluks are packaged in a distinctive and reusable cloth mesh bag, which can be used for storing when not in use. Re-treat the leather with any spray or cream to extend use.

My dog shakes his paws or stands still when I first put on his boots. Is this normal?

Yes, this is normal! This happens the first time your dog wears the boots and is not accustomed to them yet.

How long will it take for my dog to get used to his Muttluks boots?

Your dog will get used to his or her Muttluks very quickly. To help your dog get accustomed to boots, place the boots on the dog, ensure the size is correct, then take him or her directly outside. Within two or three minutes of walking, your dog should be fully used to the Muttluks boots. Your dog will feel relief from the cold, salt or heat and immediately appreciate his or her Muttluks boots!

What do I do if my dog has irritation around dew claw area?

Snow Mushers and Mud Monsters have a wider double wrap fastening system that can be adapted high or low to accommodate the dew claw.  Wrapping the strap in the lower or higher position first, depending on your dogs dew claw position, may alleviate dew claw irritation. 

Although dew claw issues are rare, some dogs experience irritation at the dew claw from wearing dog boots regardless of the brand. All dog boots fasten at the narrow spot on the leg, just above the paw and the dew claw on the front legs. If irritation occurs discontinue use of the boots and use the Pawmagik paw balm instead of a boot. You may try wrapping a band-aid around the dewclaw itself and leave it on after you take the boots off. You may also try changing the model of boot to the Snow Mushers or Mud Monsters.

Are there minimum orders?

There are no minimum orders.

Can I buy single boots?

Yes. We sell single boots upon request. Send your request to with the subject line Replacement Boots, your name, address, phone, email, boot model, size and colour.

Do prices include shipping charges?

No, prices do not include shipping. Shipping fees are calculated at checkout.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Muttluks uses the Shopify e-commerce platform for payment processing. We accept whatever methods of payment are available through Shopify.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes. Muttluks ships anywhere in the world. Additional shipping charges apply. VAT charges are applied to international orders based on the rate specific to that country.

Fees, Taxes and Restrictions: A foreign government may impose a charge for custom and brokerage fees, duties and taxes on items received. These charges do not originate from Muttluks. The purchaser is responsible for payment of all custom and brokerage fees, duties and taxes that may be imposed when the goods are imported. These fees vary from country to country. To determine the fees applicable contact your local government.

How long does delivery take?

In North America, delivery is by FedEx, Canada Post and USPS and usually takes between 3 to 7 business days, weather permitting. Delivery will be made only on weekdays. Please allow 1-2 extra days for delivery during the holiday season.

For international delivery, please allow 5-15 business days. Purchaser is responsible for payment of any duties, taxes or additional charges other than actual shipping fees disclosed prior to shipping the order.

What is your return policy?

Please refer to our Shipping & Returns Policy.

How can I exchange a product?

Please refer to our Shipping & Returns Policy

Is Pawmagik edible or toxic if ingested by my dog?

Pawmagik is made with all natural ingredients with a non-toxic “lickable” formula.

Will Pawmagik stain my carpets or furniture?

Pawmagik is made from a mixture of different moisturizing oils. Keep your dog away from carpets and furniture when the Pawmagik is freshly applied to prevent any oily residue from transferring to household furnishings.


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