Following Atticus

Following Atticus

New England author and journalist Tom Ryan has been a friend of Muttluks for many years. Muttluks became acquainted with Tom and best-friend Atticus, (his deceased miniature schnauzer) when he contacted us to say he’d outfitted Atticus in Muttluks and they were heading out in the winter, to fund raise by climbing all forty-eight, four thousand foot peaks of the White Mountains in New Hampshire. A unique Woof Wish recipient, Muttluks was happy to support them every step of the way.

Tom wrote the book “Following Atticus” about their adventures. Atticus is proudly featured on the cover of the book sporting his Muttluks. Tom refers to Muttluks ‘pawsitively’ in his book: “If we were heading to the White Mountains in December...he was going to have to wear his Muttluks on a regular basis (Muttluks are ingenious fleece-lined dog boots. He wore them often in Newburyport during the winter months to keep the sidewalk salt from burning the pads of his paws).”

Will, a miniature Schnauzer rescue, joined Tom and Atticus for a short period. Seeing how Will blossomed from their care, love and night time lullabies was magical and heartwarming. We look forward to seeing the release of Tom’s new book "Will’s Red Coat".

At Muttluks we were saddened to hear the passing of Will and Atticus. They were great Mantra Mutts and an inspiration to us all. Tom’s blog quotes “I keep returning to the words of Robert Frost: ‘I can sum up everything I know about life in three words. It goes on.’”

We’re happy to introduce you to Toms’ new friend, Samwise A. Passaconaway, a mutt, adopted rescue dog. We were all inspired by Tom’s adventures with Atticus and Will and we suspect there’ll be just as great adventures ahead with Samwise by his side.

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