Holiday Gift Guide for Mutts

Holiday Gift Guide for Mutts
The Gift of Giving

Giving gifts to dogs is soooo much fun. It’s like giving gifts to children, their eyes light up, they’re hugely appreciative and get over the top excited over the whole process. I have several dogs and they definitely know who was given what. They start a whole merry go round process of guarding or hiding their gifts and then stealing each other’s gifts for days afterward.

80% of people plan to purchase gifts for their dog this holiday season. A trend that’s been rising steadily over the years, and rightly so, in our humble opinion. Dogs are family and are treated as such with the same level of love and care deserving of all family members. 

The Gift that Started it All


Muttluks wouldn’t exist today if it hadn’t been for the gift of a set of dog boots back in December 1993. It was a humorous gift that turned into no laughing matter when it became the seed of conception for Muttluks dog boots we know today. 

So gift away, you never know what it might inspire! 

Gift Ideas

Below are some gift guide ideas we thought would help for the Mutts on your list this year.

Stocking Stuffers under $30

A variety of fun MuttStuff including MuTTuquesMuttTravel Dog Seat Belt ClipPawmagik, MuttTravel 2-in-1 BottleMuttTravel ViziNek, Muttsoks, Woof Walkers, Hott DoggersNosemagik.

Travel Accessories

They go where you go, especially during the holidays. For the Mutt that travels with the family consider some of the MuTTravel line of accessories like the Dog Seat Belt Clip, the 2-in-1 Zippered Dog Bowl, the 2-in-1 Bottle for treats or water or the ViziNek. Products starting at $11.99.

Fun and Humour

For the dog that has everything, MuTTuques may be just the thing to tickle their fancy and their funny bone. The new fun, affordable and incredibly adorable MuTTuques keep ears warm all winter long. Add to all that the fact that they’re Canadian made makes them the perfect gift.  5 styles to choose from starting at $19.99.

Canadian Made Gifts

Shopping local or shopping Canadian may be the perfect gift for the heritage conscious hound on your list. Muttluks has many “Truly Canadian” products including MuTTuquesViziNekOriginal Fleece-Lined Muttluks, Pawmagik, Nosemagik, and Belted Dog Coats. Ranging from $9.98 to $155.99. 

The Tried and True Presidential Gifts

The stately gift of dog boots have been a tried and true dog gift for many years. Admittedly dog boots are often given with an edge of humour, it was no laughing matter in 2016 when Prime Minister Trudeau gifted the Obama first dogs, Sunny and Bo, with sets of Muttluks. 

As was mentioned earlier a gift of dog boots in December 1993 was the seed of conception for Muttluks dog boots we know today. 

Join the ranks of stately gifts of dog boots with 8 models to choose from to suit a variety of budgets or needs. Ranging from $19 to $88.  

Wrap it Up

This wraps up our seasonal Gift Guide. Be sure to keep an eye out for holiday sales and shop early to meet delivery deadlines.

Happy Hound Holidays!

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