Presidential Paws

Presidential Paws

PM Trudeau gives Muttluks as gift to President Obama's First Dogs.

After 22 years of making dog boots, it never ceases to amaze me where Muttluks show up. In March 2016 I was surprised to find the Toronto media at our door inquiring about the Muttluks that were gifted by Prime Minister Trudeau to President Obama for the First Dogs, Sunny and Bo.

The All Weather Muttluks were gifted as a Canadian icon, like maple syrup and we were most grateful. Muttluks has done many things and been many places but they have never been presented to a head of state, until now.

I would agree that Muttluks are as Canadian as maple syrup and over the years we've worked hard to keep Muttluks a truly Canadian product.

Muttluks – As Canadian as maple syrup eh!



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