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    Pawsitive Energy

    Woof Wish Champion - Sarah Broderick

    Woof Wish Champion - Sarah Broderick

    Sarah Broderick and The Gift of Titan.

    Muttluks is pleased to introduce Sarah Broderick and Titan, her six-year old Golden Retriever. Based in Anacortes, Washington, Sarah and Titan are in the Woof Wish spotlight this month.

    Sarah, who is now retired, evaluated, trained and matched service dogs to their people. As Sarah put it, “providing a highly trained dog for a person with a disability was a very rewarding experience.”

     Sarah says her own service dog Titan is a ‘shining light for me’. Titan has been a great comfort and aid for Sarah who suffers from debilitating panic attacks. It is because of Titan that Sarah can work, leave her home and basically participate in life. With Titan by her side Sarah continues to provide therapeutic care and visitations through Love on a Leash and Pet Partners, two national therapy dog organizations. She is also a co-founder of Dogs on Call in her home town of Anacortes. DOC is a “club” of like-minded volunteers who participate in numerous therapy dog programs in the county, visiting nursing homes, schools, and cancer patients.

    One story she told was particularly worth mentioning. “We worked with two speech therapists and two autistic boys. The goal was to help the boys communicate clearly. That was accomplished by giving Titan commands and having him perform tricks. Titan would only do the activity if he could understand the boys. After four years, the boys turned 16 and went on to work with an adult speech therapist but they had Titan spinning and bowing and picking up all sorts of objects! They even introduced him to staff in the halls of the hospital.”

    “There are endless things dogs can do and Titan and I only reach a few people in need of love and comfort but those moments are precious. Titan wears two important hats as both a service dog and a therapy dog. I tell him how great he is but I don’t know if he understands. I do know that because of him my life is better! Titan’s light shines brighter every day for me. I am so lucky to have the gift of Titan.”

    If you or anyone you know has a Woof Wish story to tell or is in need of assistance through the Woof Wish program please contact us at

    Presidential Paws

    Presidential Paws

    PM Trudeau gives Muttluks as gift to President Obama's First Dogs.

    After 22 years of making dog boots, it never ceases to amaze me where Muttluks show up. In March 2016 I was surprised to find the Toronto media at our door inquiring about the Muttluks that were gifted by Prime Minister Trudeau to President Obama for the First Dogs, Sunny and Bo.

    The All Weather Muttluks were gifted as a Canadian icon, like maple syrup and we were most grateful. Muttluks has done many things and been many places but they have never been presented to a head of state, until now.

    I would agree that Muttluks are as Canadian as maple syrup and over the years we've worked hard to keep Muttluks a truly Canadian product.

    Muttluks – As Canadian as maple syrup eh!



    Remembering 9/11 — 15 years later

    Remembering 9/11 — 15 years later

    Muttluks has a long history of helping people and dogs in need. Muttluks provides boots for working dogs, Search and Rescue (SAR) dogs or disabled dogs through the Muttluks Woof Wish Program. Muttluks boots were donated for SAR dogs in the Oklahoma bombing, 9/11, the Tsunami in Japan and the earth quake in Ecuador. The company has a disaster relief action plan set up with the Red Cross to enable quick and efficient delivery of boots to SAR dogs in disaster relief situations globally.

    Ground Zero - 9/11 - Muttluks helps New York

    One of Muttluks proudest moments was when it was called on to help SAR (Search and Rescue) dogs in need of paw protection at Ground Zero on September 11, 2001. It began when Muttluks received a call from the NYPD Canine Unit requesting boots for 30 SAR dogs helping in the efforts at Ground Zero. A seemingly impossible task as the border between Canada and the US was closed. Muttluks reached out to one of its US customers, Drs Foster & Smith, to arrange shipment of Muttluks to Ground Zero from within the US. Drs Foster & Smith made special arrangements for Muttluks to be included on the first Angel Flights to Ground Zero.

    Muttluks began receiving thank you responses from the public for helping the 300 SAR dogs at ground zero. Muttluks called their contact at the NYPD Canine Unit to clarify the number of SAR dogs at Ground Zero. They confirmed there were over 300 SAR dogs on site. Muttluks immediately stopped everything and focused solely on delivering over 850 sets of boots to Ground Zero as soon as possible. A FedEx employee called Muttluks to offer assistance, Marianne thanked her for her offer and explained Muttluks was comfortable handling the matter as Muttluks shipped to the United States on a daily basis. Muttluks arrived at the FedEx depot on September 13th with 14 boxes and 850 sets of boots, a minute before the cutoff time for priority overnight delivery and, at the end of a long line up of people. The FedEx agent informed Muttluks that next day delivery was out of the question. Although every parcel was marked “URGENT - NYPD CANINE UNIT” Muttluks was told “yes, you and everybody else”. Upon returning home Muttluks called the FedEx employee who had earlier kindly offered her assistance. The next morning, Friday September 14th, the planes were grounded and the Canada/US border was closed for a second day. Muttluks was inundated with press wanting to know when the boots would arrive but the border closing created confusion resulting in the package being untraceable. No one knew what had become of the 14 boxes of Muttluks boots until 1:00 o’clock pm when Marianne Bertrand received a call from “Tracy – your truck driver Tracy explained FedEx had tried unsuccessfully to obtain a response from US or Canadian officials in order obtain special permission for the delivery of the Muttluks regardless of the border closing. Frustrated and wanting to help, Tracy (a FedEx truck driver) simply threw the Muttluks boxes in a truck and asked the O.P.P. (Ontario Provincial Police) if they would escort her to the border from Toronto Pearson Airport where the boxes of boots were sitting. The O.P.P. agreed. Tracy informed Marianne she was on the 401 heading to the border with an O.P.P. escort. At this time the lineup at the border was 24 hours long. They had asked for special border clearance and FedEx had a truck waiting on the other side. No one knew for certain whether the boots would be allowed to cross the border once they arrived. Marianne asked Tracy if there was other product in the truck. Tracy said no aside from the Muttluks boots, the truck was empty. The boots did cross the border that day in a record 10-hour direct ground shipment from Toronto to New York. Muttluks and FedEx made history when the Muttluks were the only item to cross the Canadian/US border on a day the border was closed! Muttluks’ contact at NYPD Canine Unit called overjoyed with gratitude. They almost couldn’t believe their eyes when the truck opened its doors and the Muttluks boxes came out. In 2002, Muttluks was awarded the “Be Kind to Animals” Award by the Toronto Humane Society for Muttluks’ donation of over 850 sets of boots to the 300 SAR (Search and Rescue) dogs at Ground Zero on 9/11. Thank you FedEx. When Muttluks informed Drs. Foster & Smith of the misunderstanding regarding the number of dogs at Ground Zero, Drs. Foster & Smith sent additional sets. They went so far as to hire a private jet to deliver the boots. The pilot, who donated his time, flew with an F18 escort, the day the planes were grounded. Upon hearing about his actions other members of the small airport and FedEx donated the gas for the trip. The pilot received an FAA Award for his actions and generosity.

    Following Atticus

    Following Atticus

    New England author and journalist Tom Ryan has been a friend of Muttluks for many years. Muttluks became acquainted with Tom and best-friend Atticus, (his deceased miniature schnauzer) when he contacted us to say he’d outfitted Atticus in Muttluks and they were heading out in the winter, to fund raise by climbing all forty-eight, four thousand foot peaks of the White Mountains in New Hampshire. A unique Woof Wish recipient, Muttluks was happy to support them every step of the way.

    Tom wrote the book “Following Atticus” about their adventures. Atticus is proudly featured on the cover of the book sporting his Muttluks. Tom refers to Muttluks ‘pawsitively’ in his book: “If we were heading to the White Mountains in December...he was going to have to wear his Muttluks on a regular basis (Muttluks are ingenious fleece-lined dog boots. He wore them often in Newburyport during the winter months to keep the sidewalk salt from burning the pads of his paws).”

    Will, a miniature Schnauzer rescue, joined Tom and Atticus for a short period. Seeing how Will blossomed from their care, love and night time lullabies was magical and heartwarming. We look forward to seeing the release of Tom’s new book "Will’s Red Coat".

    At Muttluks we were saddened to hear the passing of Will and Atticus. They were great Mantra Mutts and an inspiration to us all. Tom’s blog quotes “I keep returning to the words of Robert Frost: ‘I can sum up everything I know about life in three words. It goes on.’”

    We’re happy to introduce you to Toms’ new friend, Samwise A. Passaconaway, a mutt, adopted rescue dog. We were all inspired by Tom’s adventures with Atticus and Will and we suspect there’ll be just as great adventures ahead with Samwise by his side.

    Find out more at

    Tom Ryan’s blog: