Mantra Mutts Woof Wish Program

The Mantra Mutts Woof Wish Program is a subsection of the long standing Muttluks Woof Wish Program. Mantra Mutts raises funds for numerous causes including, 4Legs4Dogs and SafePet Ottawa, through Doga Challenges and by donating a percentage of the sales of all Mantra Mutt products.

Together we make this world a better place, step by step, paw by paw.

Doga Challenge

The Doga Challenge is a community based fundraiser that involves doing “doga” at home, or hosting a “Doga Event” in your community, sharing a picture or video on social media with the hashtag #dogachallenge, making a donation at and challenging your friends to do the same! 

100% of all donations received go directly to SafePet and 4Legs4Dogs.  For more information on the Doga Challenge see link.

SafePet Ottawa

SafePet Ottawa is a caring and dynamic volunteer organization which provides support and foster homes for the companion animals of abused women and their children who need to exit from domestic violence to the safety of a local Violence Against Women (VAW) shelter. It was founded by Ayala Sher in Ottawa, Ontario. The sitting president, Dayna Desmarais, was a recipient of the CBC 2018 Trailblazer Award, for her work with SafePet .The model has been so successful it is now being used by other cities across the country and the Ontario Veterinary Medical Association (OVMA).

The Vital First Step

For many abused women and children the relationship they have with their pets is the most important positive emotional relationship they have in their lives and many often risk their own lives to protect their pet. 48% of abused women in Ontario who should be exiting from situations of domestic violence, delay leaving or don’t leave at all because they fear abuse or death of their pets at the hands of their abuser.  61% of surveyed Ontario women who had left their abusive partner stated that their partners had brutalized or killed a pet. * The program saves two lives, the woman being abused and her pet’s life.

The community pet fosters in the Ottawa area take-in pets belonging to women who are residents of VAW shelters. The pet’s owner and foster identities are kept confidential for the security and well-being of the pet and volunteers. Once the woman leaves the VAW shelter, she is reunited with her pet(s).

For more information visit add ml blog link  or

*1998 OSPCA study


The 4Legs4Dogs Program provides prosthetics or wheels for dogs in need. The program provides awareness for the possibility and viability of prosthetics for dogs, the positive impact prosthetics have on the quality of life for dogs, and the value of a dog’s life with or without functioning limbs.

Standard veterinary practice for injured or non-functioning limbs is to amputate the entire limb or euthanize the dog. Once a limb is fully amputated it can’t accommodate a prosthetic.  Keeping as much of the limb as possible is critical to the potential for successful prosthetics on dogs.   The program was started by Marianne Bertrand, the founder and Sherpaw of Muttluks, based on her experience with Chief, a three-legged rescued German Shepherd. Chief’s hind left leg was completely amputated before he came into Marianne’s life. The full amputation meant Chief can never wear a prosthetic. Chief was the leading inspiration for the 4Legs4Dogs Program and is the dog featured in the 4Legs4Dogs video (coming soon).

The program covers all costs associated with fitting and purchasing prosthetics throughout the dog’s life.   Puppies may need several prosthetics before the dog is fully grown and all prosthetics require adjustments and refitting over time. Dogs selected for the program are chosen by the Muttluks team based on their physical and financial needs as well as the feasibility for prosthetics or wheels for each candidate.

If you or a dog you know, needs help through the 4Legs4Dogs program please contact Muttluks at 888-688-8585 or