Muttluks Woof Wish Program


Helping dogs help people

The Muttluks Woof Wish Program provides dog boots and products for Assistance Dogs, Search and Rescue (SAR) dogs or disabled dogs at a reduced price or as a donation. The Woof Wish Program was created to ensure every working or disabled dog would have the boots they need and is a big part of how Muttluks gives back to the community.

Muttluks has a long history of helping people and dogs in need. Muttluks boots were donated for SAR dogs in the Oklahoma bombing, 9/11, the Tsunami in Japan and the earth quake in Ecuador. The company has a disaster relief action plan set up with the Red Cross to enable quick and efficient delivery of boots to SAR dogs in disaster relief situations globally.

Muttluks supports and donates to over 50 pet charities every year, another example of ‘Integrity at Work’.

Please note: To place Woof Wish orders on-line, email us directly or call 888-muttluk (688-8585) to verify your qualifications and receive a discount code.