Mantra Mutt Wisdom Cards
Mantra Mutt Wisdom Cards

Mantra Mutt Wisdom Cards

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Mantra Mutt wisdom cards feature beautiful Japanese brush painting illustrations of the Zen Mutts in a Doga pose with a pawsitive message. Titles like The Sound of One Paw Clapping, Ohm Paw Paw and Living in the Pasta will inspire your heart and tickle your funny bone. Enter a world where attitude of gratitude pervades and Yogis are Dogis who do Doga rather than Yoga.

These furry prophets were inspired by Zen master Dōgen Zenji (Dog in Zen), an 11th century Japanese Buddhist priest, writer, poet, philosopher, and founder of the Sō tō school of Zen in Japan. (Wikipedia).


  • 44 cards per deck
  • Japanese brush painting illustrations
  • Humourous, playful and thought provoking
  • Thought for the day messages