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    Pawsitive Energy — Assistance dog

    Introducing... Mantra Mutts

    Introducing... Mantra Mutts

    Dogi’s who do Doga

    Real life mutts and Zen Master Dogen Zenji, “Dog in Zen”, were the inspiration over many years that developed into Muttluks Mantra Mutts characters. Humorous, playful, Zen mutt characters with a “pawsitive” message. They’re Dogi’s who do Doga rather than Yogis who do Yoga.

     The Furry Prophet

    Does your dog, aka Mantra Mutt and furry prophet, inspire you and make your day better?

    I’m Marianne Bertrand, the Sherpaw and founder of Muttluks. Dogs, animals and nature are the source of inspiration for me, and Muttluks in general. My first dogs, basset hounds Petunia, Jessica and Bertie inspired the original Muttluks dog boots in 1994. I’ve had many bassets over the years and hence, the basset in plough pose is one of the mascots and signature images of the Mantra Mutts line.  Kasmira, Nanook, Chief and Ryder are the present day Muttluks Mantra Mutts.

    The premise of Mantra Mutts is that dogs and nature are wise and we as humans have something we can learn from them.

     A Give Back Business Model – Zen Income

    We’ve stepped into a new millennium and business today is different than it was yesterday. Mantra Mutts leads the way with community spirit and a give back business model that Muttluks affectionately  calls “Zen Income”.

     The Mantra Mutts Woof Wish Program is a subsection of Muttluks long standing Woof Wish Program. Mantra Mutts raise funds for numerous causes including, SafePet Ottawa and 4Legs4Dogs, through Doga Challenges and by donating a percentage of the sales of all Mantra Mutts products.

     Be at One with your Dog

     The Mantra Mutts product line is fun, inspiring and growing.  The line is launching new products throughout 2018 – the Year of the Dog, and features many Canadian made and eco-conscious products. Be at One with your dog with matching bamboo and organic cotton t-shirts, collars, leashes, pins and Muttsoks.  Mantra Mutts Wisdom cards are a great communication tool to impart the wisdom of your “furry prophet”.

    Be the Change!

    Together we make this world a better place, step by step, paw by paw.

    Woof Wish Champion - Megan Size

    Woof Wish Champion - Megan Size

    Megan Size and Layne

    This month Muttluks’ Woof Wish spotlight is on Megan Size and her regal 4 year-old German Shepherd Layne. Megan and Layne hail from South-Central Ontario.

    Layne entered Megan’s life in 2013. Megan had recently moved into a new home following two attempted break-ins and robberies at her previous residence. Besides being somewhat shaken, she confided, “ever since I lost my family dog, I knew in my heart I was missing the companionship of a dog.”

    A student and dog trainer, Megan suffers from a previous work-related injury that resulted in disc herniation and chronic back pain. She also has a bad knee, suffers from anxiety, depression, OCD and ADHD.

    Megan realized that the time she spent with her Shepherd Layne helped ease her anxiety. “He already knew what to do when I was stressed out and would cuddle with me on the couch, or in bed, or just pay a lot of attention to me” she explained. Megan consulted a friend with a service dog and a counsellor who both encouraged her to transition Layne from a pet to Megan’s service dog. “We still have some training to do,” she reports, “but he is doing beautifully.”

     “Since getting Layne, I’ve attended teacher’s college (which is almost done). I definitely wouldn’t have been able to get through the stress of teacher’s college without Layne,” she was quick to add.

     Megan used to be an avid sports enthusiast until she injured her knee and back. But again, since getting Layne, she’s working a lot harder at getting back into sports and physical activity. Together they hike, snowboard, camp and swim in the wilds of rural Ontario.

     “He is such a happy-go-lucky boy I can’t imagine my life without him. Since getting Layne through his service dog training though, I’ve been more diligent in his exercise, because a tired pup is a well-behaved pup,” said Megan with a laugh.

    If you or anyone you know has a Woof Wish story to tell or is in need of assistance through the Woof Wish program please contact us at

    Woof Wish Champion - Sarah Broderick

    Woof Wish Champion - Sarah Broderick

    Sarah Broderick and The Gift of Titan.

    Muttluks is pleased to introduce Sarah Broderick and Titan, her six-year old Golden Retriever. Based in Anacortes, Washington, Sarah and Titan are in the Woof Wish spotlight this month.

    Sarah, who is now retired, evaluated, trained and matched service dogs to their people. As Sarah put it, “providing a highly trained dog for a person with a disability was a very rewarding experience.”

     Sarah says her own service dog Titan is a ‘shining light for me’. Titan has been a great comfort and aid for Sarah who suffers from debilitating panic attacks. It is because of Titan that Sarah can work, leave her home and basically participate in life. With Titan by her side Sarah continues to provide therapeutic care and visitations through Love on a Leash and Pet Partners, two national therapy dog organizations. She is also a co-founder of Dogs on Call in her home town of Anacortes. DOC is a “club” of like-minded volunteers who participate in numerous therapy dog programs in the county, visiting nursing homes, schools, and cancer patients.

    One story she told was particularly worth mentioning. “We worked with two speech therapists and two autistic boys. The goal was to help the boys communicate clearly. That was accomplished by giving Titan commands and having him perform tricks. Titan would only do the activity if he could understand the boys. After four years, the boys turned 16 and went on to work with an adult speech therapist but they had Titan spinning and bowing and picking up all sorts of objects! They even introduced him to staff in the halls of the hospital.”

    “There are endless things dogs can do and Titan and I only reach a few people in need of love and comfort but those moments are precious. Titan wears two important hats as both a service dog and a therapy dog. I tell him how great he is but I don’t know if he understands. I do know that because of him my life is better! Titan’s light shines brighter every day for me. I am so lucky to have the gift of Titan.”

    If you or anyone you know has a Woof Wish story to tell or is in need of assistance through the Woof Wish program please contact us at